Viking cruise offers one of the best cruise excursions among their competitors. Viking River cruise offers some of the most relaxing getaways of the modern era. 

River cruises are an excellent way to see both cities and more remote locations in cities. These cruises also allow guests a more intimate look at various cultures by going through local towns and the countryside. 

Enjoy some of these intimate well-crafted river cruise excursions by Viking River Cruise

Size Matters

Viking River cruises offer smaller more intimate water faring vessels that will allow you a close look at the countryside without drawing too much attention to your voyage. 

Variety of Locations

Viking River Cruises offer breathtaking cruises on three incredible continents, Africa, Asia and Europe. Have you ever wanted to dance in the moonlight of the great pyramids of Egypt? Or are do the fairy tales set in the immaculate Black forest excite you? 

Maybe you’re a lover who has always wanted to see the Eiffel tower with wine and jazz in the background. Viking cruises offers a variety of world-class trips in some of the most beautify locales in the world.

Viking Cruise Danube

The Danube River is a beautiful waterway that flows through 10 countries. The Danube has intersected with many fascinating cultures – from the ancient Greeks to modern Hungarians in Budapest. 

Viking Cruises offers multiple cruises travelling down the Danube. Here are a few of the most spectacular cruises.

“Grand European and Viking Fjords” – Bergen to Budapest

This trip lasts goes through 6 countries, lasts for 22 days, and contains 20 guided tours.  What’s even more exciting this cruise line actually contains both an ocean liner and river liner. That’s 2 incredible cruise experiences in 1!

On this trip you’ll have a chance to visit the Paris of the East, Budapest, drink fine German wine along the Danube, visit waterworks in Amsterdam, and traverse the Great North Sea to visit Skagen in Denmark. This trip is a sure-fire way to get a taste of beautiful locales and great culture. 

“Romantic Danube” – Budapest to Nuremberg

For the lovers, the “Romantic Danube” river cruise will definitely set the mood. This cruise lasts for 8 days, contains 6 guided tours, and will take you through 3 countries. 

You will be able to visit the extraordinary Castle District in Budapest and even attend a concert in Vienna by Mozart and Strauss. This cruise is highly recommended for honeymooners. 

“European Sojourn” – Amsterdam to Bucharest

For those who want a nice slow tour through the beautiful Danube the “European Sojourn” cruise will last for 23 days, contains 18 guided tours, and navigates 8 countries. 

Lucky cruise goers can witness Vienna in all of its magnificence. This cruise has a heavy focus on cultural experiences with a specific tour letting passengers explore the great Roman city of Cologne. 

Egyptian River Cruise

In addition, the exciting Danube cruise line, Viking River Cruises also offers tours through Egypt. You will be able to have the time of your life while cruising along the Nile.

“Pharaohs & Pyramids” – Cairo

Experience both modern day Egyptian culture and ancient Egyptian culture on this mystical river tour. Passengers will travel along the Nile River for 12 days and receive 11 guided tours. 

An exciting fact about these tours is that they are given by folks who have an intimate knowledge of Egyptian History. 

Ever wanted to know more about Egyptian trade and marketplaces, you’re in luck the cruise will take you to Aswan, one of the most vibrant marketplaces in the world. 

Viking Cruise Asia

Viking Cruise also even offers tours through some wild Asian countries. Have you ever wanted to see Ho Chi Minh city by river? Or are you more of the adventurous type interested in Beijing’s “Forbidden city”? Whichever you prefer Viking Cruise has phenomenal river cruises. 

“Roof of the World” – Shanghai – Tibet – Beijing

This tour will take you to some incredible places in 17 days with a total of 18 guided tours. You will also get the chance to travel through 4 different countries. 

You will be able to see Potala Palace, home of the Tibetan Dalai Lama. If performances are more your speed you will get the chance to watch acrobats in Shanghai. Finally, cruise the wondrous Three Gorges in Yangtze.

Viking Cruise Excursions are a Worthwhile Investment

Viking Cruises can take passengers through magnificent countries and beautiful vistas. From the magical Black Forest to the ancient sites in Egypt, Viking Cruise offers a cruise for every type of passenger. 

With affordable rates and multiple package tiers you need to check out Viking Cruises for your next adventure.

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