Boston, The Athens of America, is a city filled with beauty and sophistication.  Whether you are a sports fan visiting the famed City of Champions or a history buff visiting the city called the Cradle of Liberty, you have a lot of sights to see.

One great way to enjoy the Codfish State is to go on a cruise from Boston. Boston sightseeing is definitely something everyone should do. Be it a Boston Harbor cruise or an adventure into Provincetown, you will have so many options that it can be difficult to plan your Boston Cruises.

However, fear not! Here is a list of popular spots to make your cruises out of Boston an out of this world experience!

Know More to Appreciate More

Boston is known as the Athens of America simply because of its contribution to education, history and overall culture. Before you go on a cruise from Boston, it is highly suggested that you enjoy your waiting time with the wonderful array of cultural activities in the area.

It has the iconic Harvard University, the impressive Boston University, the Northeastern University and much more. With Schools and universities, you can access wonderful museums. Just a mile and a half from the Cruise Port, you can go to the Boston Children’s Museum, one of the oldest museums in America. For those with a more thespian taste, you can visit the Blue Man Group, an artistic team giving out shows that will make you appreciate the finer things in life.

Be Merry! Beer and Food Awaits!

Of course, by this time you should be ready to taste the wonderful flavors of Boston. Most of the Boston cruises come out of the aptly named Long Wharf or Cruise Port.

  1. Harpoon Brewery. If you are near the Cruise Port, you should head out to the Harpoon Brewery. They are a famous local company, which offers more than 12 different beers. Their Beer Hall is also something you should put in your itinerary.
  2. The Long Wharf. For those near the Long Wharf, you can head out to the Landing at The Long Wharf. This is a great bar filled with the wonderful ambiance of Long Wharf, literally. This is because you have to take your drinks in the outdoors, which gives you time to enjoy the great scenery and the wonderful locals.
  3. Food Trucks. As for food, you can never go wrong with the famous Food Trucks. Boston is known for the wide array of food trucks that cover the streets. You and your family and friends will enjoy the delicacies offered. There are food trucks for almost all kind of cuisine possible!

Massachusetts is blessed with bountiful waters, and the seafood delicacies here are definitely something you should try. Lobsters are amazing, the fish and clams are to die for. Now, imagine all of those in a platter. You get a literal banquet of flavors in your mouth!

  1. Row 34. This restaurant is just a stone’s away from the pier in Cruise Port. It has the New England vibe, from the design to the food. Enjoy the amazing clam chowder!
  2. North End. This is a great place where restaurants gather. There are bakeries, fine dining, bars and exotic restaurants. Step in this famous street and prepare to be breathing in wonderful scents and staring at drool-worthy food. The North End is not just for food though. There is the freedom trail, where the American Revolution is immortally enshrined.
  3. Mariners House. For those who are looking for a more luxurious destination, this historic spot is a place to be. It used to be a boarding house for the sailors as well. The place is reasonably priced and comfortable.
  4. Harborwalk. This is an amazing walkway. Located on the waterfront, there are a lot of public entertainers, spacious parks, wonderful coffeehouses and a lot of other amenities.

Splashes of Fun 

A Boston cruise is not complete without visiting the Boston Harbor Islands. It only takes a few minutes to go and the air and view are absolutely breath-taking.  You can go the Georges or the Spectacle Island. There is a lot of history in the islands, but the sandy beaches and the clear azure sea is also a big draw. Interestingly, it feels like the urban and the rural mixed perfectly. Visiting the Boston harbor Islands should be at the top of your itinerary.

Special mention should be given to The Boston Harbor Islands National and State Park since it is very well-maintained. Comprising 34 islands, the park is immensely beautiful and a joy to visit. Of course, the Long Wharf, where the Boston Harbor Cruises generally go out of, is definitely a place to visit.

Prepare your travel bags, book a great hotel and get ready to have a week, or two or three, of wholesome and safe fun with a Boston cruise.


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