These river cruises in Florida were born and raised in the St. Lucie River. This is an eco-friendly tour that cruises near the wildlife of Florida. 

Of course, if being on a boat isn’t for you, there are plenty of other options at this beautiful port. From hikes, art galleries, to a wide variety of different parks – Port St. Lucie has it all.

History of River Lilly Cruises

This company is run by Captain Eddie and his First Mate Stephanie Hamrick. 

Eddie Hamrick is a U.S. Coast Guard Licensed Captain with a 100 ton Masters endorsement. 

He’s a Florida native and has spent his whole life learning of Florida’s diverse ecosystem. He also used to run a scuba diving charter boat and worked in the custom aquarium industry.

Stephanie Hamrick was a flight attendant with over 17 years of experience. Growing up in Idaho encouraged her love for the environment. This love of nature has only grown as she’s traveled the world. 

The Hamricks’ are so committed to nature that they are also members and supporters of the St. Lucie Audubon Society as well as faithful volunteers at Savannas State Park in Port St. Lucie. 

Fun Aspects of Lilly Cruises

  • No two cruise rides are alike, meaning that you can keep coming back without getting bored. 
  • You will get to see some of the natural wildlife including crocodiles, Gopher Tortoises, Sandhill Cranes, Bobcats, and more.
  • You will also get a glimpse of the gorgeous plant life that surrounds the river.
  • River Lilly Cruises Port St. Lucie, FL is the original and longest running eco tour in the county.
  • The boat holds 34 people – which makes the trips fun, but not overcrowded.
  • It’s reasonably priced at around only 20 dollars. 
  • It’s a fun ride for kids because of the opportunity to see and learn more about the animals of the area. 
  • They also offer private charters if you want to host a party.  

Other Things to Do in Port St. Lucie Florida

There’s more than river boat cruises in Florida. While you are there, you should check out other highlights of Port St. Lucie. 

  • Check out Tradition Field
    It’s famous for being the training ground of the New York Mets. If you are around in February or March, you may get to see them train. There are also minor league baseball games during the summer. 
  • Treasure Coast Boat Rental
    You can check out the famous Indian River Lagoon. You can also explore the islands and coves that surround the area of Fort Pierce and bask in the sun on the variety of beaches that are around. 
  • Hillmoor Lake Park
    This park spreads over 56 acres and includes a sidewalk trail that goes on for miles. There’s fishing decks available for some shore line fishing. Feel free to hike or bike around the park as well.
  • Veterans Park
    This park is dedicated to the veterans of the Vietnam and Korean Wars. There’s also a World War II memorial and a Purple Heart memorial. This is lovely way to spend your afternoon while paying your respects. 
  • Oxbow Eco-Center
    If you loved learning about the local wildlife from Lilly Cruises, then you should check out this facility that teaches the importance of preserving nature. 

The center is on 225 acres of preserve and while there – you can learn about the river and forest lands in Florida. There’s also a living laboratory and wild sanctuary where you can get up close to the plant life and wildlife. 

  • Old Hammocks Park
    This is a great bike and hiking trail that stretches along the C-24 Canal. There’s also a Butterfly Garden that you can walk through to interact with the local wildlife. 
  • Dolphin Watch Boat Tours
    Take a dolphin watch tour with Captain Adam Pozniak who has lived in the area for over 40 years. You tour the Indian River and learn about its history. You will take in as much as 15 miles of waterway during the ride. In addition to dolphins, you might also be able to spot manatees, birds, sea turtles, and exotic fish.
  • Port St. Lucie Botanical Gardens
    Gaze at 20 acres of beautiful flowers and a grand fountain. The garden is spilt into sections, such as a butterfly garden and an orchid garden. You have the option of signing up for a tour or wandering around by yourself to take in all the beauty. 
  • Civic Center Art Gallery
    This art gallery is filled with 2,000 square feet of the best work in the area. Coming here you will get a sense of the local art scene and culture. 

River Lilly Cruises Trip to Port St. Lucie Is Perfect for Nature Lovers

If you love nature, then you should definitely check out Port St. Lucie. Between the different parks, Lilly River Cruises, and the range of wildlife, you’ll never be bored. 

But, there’s so much more than nature in this town, it’s filled with a rich history, diverse culture, and great art. 

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