Cruising through Italy will prove to be a beautiful experience. You may be wondering about some of the basics for a majestic escape such as this one. 

Italy is packed with vast architecture, art, and a vibrant culture. You will want to make sure everything is accounted for during your Italy river cruise.

Picking the Right River Cruise in Italy 

Italy has not always been known for cruises, in fact this is a fairly new trend since people have learned about what can be done on the Poe River. 

The Poe River is the only river cruise in Italy but that doesn’t mean there is not a lot to experience. This cruise will prove to be a daring yet beautiful adventure. 

There are a variety of different cruise options in Italy, hopefully this will help you sort out the one that you should take.

What to Expect When Taking Italy River Cruises 

Italy is known for having beautiful architecture, art, food and wine. Exploring Italy proves to be a magical experience. Imagine floating away on an Italy Cruise of your dreams. You can expect cruises that range up to fifteen days. 

During your stay your food and even hotels accommodations will be paid for. This includes the hotels you will be staying at for each daily cruise port. One of the main cruise lines that offers this is Viking River Cruises Italy. 

The nice thing about Italy River Cruises is that they are very close and intimate. Your experience will be a pleasant somewhat secluded one versus the many, many passengers on commercial ocean cruise boats. If you’re looking for a getaway this is the perfect type of cruise. 

Matching Price and Destination for Your River Cruise Through Italy

One of the huge differences that contributes to a higher price is how many destinations you will be visiting. Like most other river cruises, you will be stopping and exploring a new destination day by day. This is what makes river cruises so exciting. 

When traveling from Milan to Rome you will go through Venice, Chioggia, Polesella, Venice Islands, Florence and lastly Rome. Each destination has its allure and excursions that provide a variety of activities and information for the day. 

Cruises like this usually last up to 15 days to reach every destination. The cost for similar cruises is around $6,300. Viking river cruises in Italy are one of the most popular cruise lines. 

Other cruises with a shorter destination range last for 7 days and go through Rome, Naples, Sicily, Bari, Crotone, Sibenik in Croatia, and Venice. These Italy river cruises range from $3,500. As you can see river cruises through Italy offer a wide variety of options based on how long you wish to be on the cruise. You will learn about grand, historic roads, and walkways and see the culture that is embedded in the architecture. 

The experience on cruises like this is similar to a guided tour so you are able to see the most romantic and medieval spots in Italy. You may consider booking your flight into the country via the cruise line since this can become expensive. 

You may not expect that you can cruise and travel to multiple countries but when it comes down to it you may come across river cruises in France and Italy. If this is your first experience going to Europe you will encounter lots of different sites. 

If your trip does have France on the itinerary, then be sure to bring some extra cash. Most travelers do not think about how much money they will spend when being in France for an entire day. Come prepared to get all the souvenirs you want. This is the trip of a lifetime. 

Factors to Consider When Cruising Through Italy 

  • Burnout
  • Blending in with the locals 
  • Dress code
  • Transportation

It is not unexpected to feel tired after being on a 7 or 15-day river cruise through Italy. So many destinations are waiting that it is normal to feel a little tired. Plan accordingly for all of the exploring you’ll be doing. 

Wear good walking shoes as well, you will want to walk around to see the buildings up close. Make sure that you are not sticking out as a tourist. There are scammers in the area so be aware at all times. One way to not stick out too much is to look at their dress code. 

The locals in Italy and France tend to be more fashionable and dressy casual. Transportation is also a very important aspect. There are destinations that require you to travel an hour from a historical site to a shopping site, and vice versa. Be prepared and consider what routes you’ll take. 

Have Fun and Learn About Italy

Enjoy your beautiful adventure on a river cruise in Italy. Learn new words, drink some of the different wines and experience the culture like never before. 

Being on the Po River will give you a variety of experiences. Keep up with your tour guide and enjoy the ride on your Italy river cruise.

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