Are you ready to set sail for paradise?

Alaska’s great white landscape spans an immense wilderness full of towering mountains, awe-inspiring glaciers and a plethora of local wildlife to be seen only in the Great North.

People have been flocking here for decades to see the infamously harsh beauty of the countryside, and now you can see it from perhaps the most breathtaking vantage point yet — the deck of a ship.

But not just any ship. A Princess cruise to Alaska involves onboard experiences and amenities far beyond the mundane, promising to push your vacation to a truly next-level trip.

Whether you’re traveling solo, on a couples’ getaway or bringing along the whole family, there’s a place for you on board. Exploring the rugged Alaskan badlands from the comfort and safety of a luxury-level cruise liner is an activity that enriches the lives of everyone, no matter what age.

Onboard Enticements of a Princess Alaska Cruise

The best Alaska cruise not only takes you deep into the heart of America’s last frontier, it provides a smorgasbord of lavish onboard experiences as well. All of this at a cost-effective rate? It’s a recipe for success.

In fact, Princess cruises made Time Magazine’s list of the best cruises for your money in 2017, and it’s pretty easy to see why.

1. Entertainment and Activities

The entertainment aboard a Princess vessel is always top-notch. Shows featuring singing, dancing, and live music occur nightly and vary with different ships. Test your luck at the onboard casino, or catch a comedy show.

You’ll find plenty of relaxing nooks and crannies aboard, with cocktail lounges, swimming pools, and hot tubs for a warm dip after the brisk Alaska air.

Meet Alaska locals, scientists and experts in their field when they come aboard on an interactive exchange program designed to both educate and entertain.

2. Fine Dining

Alaska seafood is arguably the very best in the world, and (surprise!) they’ve got a whole slew of it waiting for you in Alaska. Dine on king crab, Alaskan salmon and succulent scallops, all prepared by world-class chefs.

Sip craft cocktails as you polish off the menagerie of treats. You can top it off with some juicy steaks grilled to perfection if you’re still hungry!

3. Staterooms

Accommodation on board ranges from awesome to amazing.  Princess makes it simple to get the prized room with a view — many rooms have them, though the exact percentage varies by ship. Cabins are comfortable and available to fit the needs of singles, couples and families alike.

Exciting Excursions on Alaskan Soil

You can’t see everything from the deck of the ship.

In 2014, Princess entered into a partnership with Discovery Communications to offer exclusive interactive excursions right into the heart of Alaska. These once-in-a-lifetime experiences offer you the chance to get on land and see a bit of local life.

They include fishing trips (you can even bring your catch back and have it cooked by a Princess chef!), nature hikes, kayaking and other wilderness sports. You can also go on outings to local villages and cities where you can see museums, historical sites, and areas of great cultural importance.

You’ll also get to see Denali and Glacier Bay National Parks, two gems of pure Alaska nature that will have your jaw dropping to the floor as the reindeer pass you by.

When, Where and How It’s Possible

Princess offers cruises for all walks of life. Likewise, they have liners leaving out of various ports and sailing for differing amounts of time. You can take off stateside from San Francisco, Los Angeles or Seattle. Bring your passport along to depart from Vancouver, or fly to directly to Anchorage for an Alaska check-in.

Cruises can be one-way or round-trip and range from seven to fourteen days. There are quite a few factors to consider when deciding which cruise is right for you. Are you more interested in viewing Alaska’s monumental glaciers and mountains? An Inside Passage cruise may be for you. If you’re interested in a bit of land travel as well, then check out the Alaska Cruisetours itinerary, which features nights spent on Alaskan soil as well as on the cruise liner.

Whichever cruise you decide on, it’s important to book it through the right site. It’s not so hard to find sweet deals on your dream vacation if you know where to look. Of course, booking through Princess is possible, but oftentimes amazing deals can be had through other venues like AAA. Booking AAA cruises can provide you with discounted rates on airfare, and sometimes you’ll get extras like credit to use for onboard purchases.

No matter what agency you book through, a trip to Alaska will leave you slack-jawed and craving more of the untamed wild.

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