So, you’re searching for Nile River cruise ships? The Nile River has been a pillar for civilization since the dawn of time. You may be wondering what you should consider when picking the right Nile River cruise. 

It isn’t every day that you get an opportunity to cruise on the Nile, so, of course, you’ll want to make sure your hard-earned cash will pay for the perfect adventure or escape. This article will help you decide on the best Nile River cruise.

River Cruising Differs from Ocean Ships

There are some pretty big differences in taking a Nile River boat cruise and an ocean cruise. In some aspects, river cruises are much more adventurous because every day you get off at a certain destination and explore. 

Ocean cruises on the other hand, are more on the relaxed side. River cruises are appropriate for adults looking for an exotic destination. There won’t be any water slides, rock climbing, arcades or casinos on a river cruise so keep that in mind. You will see beautiful structures and elaborate buildings. 

5 Topics to Consider Before Choosing a River Cruise


How long will you be on the cruise? What is your ideal time? Nile River cruises usually range from 4 to 8 days, so you have some options when it comes to choosing the right time range. If this is your first cruise you may opt on the lower side, but if you’re a cruising expert then you probably already have an idea of how long you want this trip to last. There are cruises that last up to 15 days, but these are on the rarer side.


The average cost for a Nile River cruise varies. Expect to see cruise costs from at least $450 U.S. dollars per person on the low side and up to $5,000 for longer cruises. When tallying up the cost make sure to include drinks, potential shopping, and transportation for when you leave the cruise ship to explore your port of call. 


For some this is the most important part of the cruise. You’ll want to look into which destinations your cruise line is going to. A Nile River boat cruise usually includes destinations ranging from, Aswan, Kom Ombo, Edfu, and Luxor. 

Each of these cities is inside of Egypt and has different attractions. The city of Aswan is located in southern Egypt. This town is packed with historical African significance, such as the Nubian museum and you get to experience the local music. If Kom Ombo is on your destination list, then you can take a look at the temple dedicated to the crocodile God.  Edfu is a smaller town that that is huge on pottery and sugar production. Luxor is filled with Egyptian relics like the Valley of Kings. There you can find multiple tombs dedicated to the fallen Pharaoh’s. This city contains multiple holy temples and buildings so dress appropriately. 

Cruise Insurance

This is not the most exciting part of planning your ultimate Nile boat cruise, but you really do need to consider purchasing cruise insurance. The reality is you never know what can happen, so you should always be prepared. 

Cruise Line

Choosing the right cruise line is an important step into planning your exotic cruise. Some of the most popular Nile River cruise lines are, Viking River Cruises, Memphis Tours, Sanctuary Retreats, and Sonseta Cruise lines. 

If you’re opting for a luxurious, magical experience you’ll want to go with either Sanctuary or Sonseta. There isn’t much difference in size when it comes to picking the best Nile River cruises. The areas where some of these cruise lines differ is cabin space, decoration, and cruise activities. Keep in mind different cruise boats go to different destinations. 

What You Should Pack for Your Exotic Nile River Cruise

You have picked a destination, purchased travel insurance, paid for your river cruise booking and there is one more thing left before you can go. 

Packing essentials are very important for international cruising. From blazing heat to exciting scenery, you will want to be prepared. Pack sunscreen, sun glasses, bathing suites, an international phone, medication, appropriate clothing, cameras, and last but definitely not least travel documents.

Make sure you have all your travel documentation backed up on your email, since you can log into your email anywhere. 

It does not hurt to take pictures of the front and back of all your documents just in case you do misplace them. If you do lose your documentation your photos of them will enable you to get a new passport quicker.

Now You’re Ready for the River Cruise Ship

You have all the information you need to make an informed decision on the best Nile River cruise for your vacation/adventure. You will experience historic temples, pyramids and architecture. 

An adventure like this will put you in a position to meet a variety of different people. On this cruise, you will learn all about ancient civilization and see just how the infamous Nile River has changed over time. Cruising through the Nile will prove to be an unforgettable experience. 

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