If you’re up for some sight-seeing and a cruising experience without all the waves and motion you’re looking at the perfect cruise. A river boat cruise in New Orleans will provide just enough entertainment so that you can have an enjoyable time. 

How Long is a River Cruise from New Orleans? 

River Cruises in New Orleans can span anywhere from three hours to on the much shorter side to five or six days when going through multiple cities and states. On a short, three-hour long cruise you can expect either lunch or dinner to be included depending on the departure time. Floating through New Orleans will give you a different view of the historic and vibrant city. 

There are river cruises from New Orleans that take much longer to complete. These are sometimes considered Mississippi cruises since they travel up the Mississippi River. With a cruise like this you can expect to spend 5 to 8 days adventuring the Mississippi River. Some of these types of cruises even go back to New Orleans as a round trip cruise. 

Spending Money on a New Orleans River Cruise

If the cruise that you’re looking for is on the shorter side, then you can expect prices similar to $35 – $55. This is the day cruise rate. You may be wanting to cruise on the waters of the Mississippi which is more expensive. This sort of river cruise is anywhere from $3,540 – $5,500. Longer cruises of course include more than the shorter cruises. Either way you will get your money’s worth and will be more than satisfied with the experience. Prices change by season so be sure to take that into consideration when booking your cruise. 

Options for Your River Cruise Journey

There are a lot of activity matters to take into account when going on a river boat cruise in New Orleans. If you’re big on music you may opt for a cruise that includes a stop at a jazz festival to enjoy the classic tunes. Many people love the dining experience in New Orleans, so you can look into which restaurants you really want to visit. Combinations are also available such as tours around The New Orleans Museum of Art and The Mardi Gras Museum. Exploring and learning through the museums provides for a more leisurely trip. 

Longer cruises like a Memphis to New Orleans river cruise will have different activities or shore excursions. You will see the most historic parts of America including a civil war sight. In Vicksburg, Mississippi you can visit a museum dedicated to the Civil War. When arriving to Louisiana you will go past the Capital Building and have the opportunity to take a look around. Just like ocean cruises these cruises allow you to pay for premium destination excursions. These include experiences like:

  1. Inside Regina’s Kitchen 

A tour of Regina’s Kitchen infamous for antebellum southern styled food. Learn recipes, eat laugh and enjoy the restaurant. 

  1. The Story of B.B. King

You will get to learn the actual story of a legendary singer. Explore the museum dedicated to him and learn about the past. 

  1. Looking into the Story Behind the Cotton Industry

Take a look at the Frogmore Plantation to see the secrets behind one of the largest industries in early America years. 

  1. Adventuring Around the Bayou

These are the swampy lands that occupy New Orleans. Experience what it is like to be around the beauty of nature. Exotic animals often surround Bayous so look out. 

Popular New Orleans River Cruise Lines

Options are very vast and include; American Queen Steam Boat, Creole Queen, Natchez Steam Boat, and Canal Street Fairy. Cruise line depends on your destination for the New Orleans river cruise you wish to experience. Each of these offers a much different experience from the others. One of the best companies is American Cruise Lines. This cruise line includes amenities similar to those on more commercial cruises. You can expect all gourmet meals, breakfast room service, on-board lounges, and 600 ft. staterooms. A cruise like this gives more of a classical, pampered feel.

Happy Cruising

You have an idea of where you would like to cruise as well as what you want to learn about or encounter. All the different options make for an unforgettable experience through some of the most classic American cities. Enjoy your trip and be sure to take pictures of the vast scenery.

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