Although a cruise is an event that you should take the time to plan, sometimes you decide to take the plunge at the last minute and put together an amazing cruise getaway for your group at the last minute.

You may have earned a bonus at work, or decided to use your tax return to surprise your family this summer.

Deciding to go on a cruise on a whim can sometimes be tricky.

And it’s possible that you may end up regretting your quick decision if you took advantage of last minute cruise specials that were too good to be true.

Fortunately, for cruise lovers looking for a discount, there are some worthwhile options out there when you need a last-minute cruise special.

You can find cruises from Jacksonville, FL, Charleston, SC, and New Orleans, LA that will take you to faraway destinations at a budget-friendly rate.

The Top Last-Minute Cruise Specials 

Many of the top companies that offer cruise travel packages provide last-minute specials during the peak seasons.

This is to help draw in potential customers who may otherwise not choose to book a cruise vacation due to the regular price.

Here are five of the top last-minute cruise lines that offer special discounts throughout the year.

Costco Cruises

These last-minute vacation deals are available exclusively to Costco members. The wholesale brand is known for providing their customers with quality and value in all areas of their company, including their travel options.

Costco promises that their customers will not have any surprises when it is time to pay for their cruise package.

Enjoy a Bahamas Cruise aboard the Carnival Liberty ship for 3-nights at the low price of $219 per person.

The company also offers special discounts on themed cruises such as the Eastern Caribbean Cruise from Disney Cruise Line.

Priceline Cruises

Enjoy last-minute cruises and bonus offers from Priceline.

The leading travel website offers excellent deals on cruises from top cruise lines such as Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Norwegian, and Celebrity.

There are several cruises out of Florida to choose from, such as the 3-night tour of the Bahamas on the Carnival Victory, or 7-nights in the Western Caribbean aboard the Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Seas.

Prices range from $219 per night up to $529 and up for a suite.

Expedia Cruises

Expedia is your first stop for all last-minute savings on quality cruises.

Travel along the coast of the United States, or to a distant land such as Asia, Europe, or the Middle East.

Expedia offers many cruises departing from popular locations to help you cut down on travel expenses. Choose from cruises out of Baltimore, Boston, or New York if you are on the East Coast so that you don’t have far to go to board your ship.

Hundreds of last-minute cruise deals are available so that you can book early with some of the best cruise lines.

Norwegian Cruise Lines

Norwegian cruise lines offer exclusive deals on trips to the Bahamas, the Caribbean, and various locations in Europe.

If you are hoping to save on a gift for a friend or family member, choosing a cruise from Norwegian is one of the best things you can do.

Guests have the option to go Island Hopping in Hawaii, or relax in the serene beauty of the Bahamas, all at a valuable price.

For a unique change of pace, take a voyage to the frontiers of Alaska and view massive glaciers along with fascinating wildlife.

Carnival Cruises

Travelers can save as much as 35% off the price of their cruise when they book with Carnival Cruises. This industry-leaning cruise line offers a broad range of exclusive deals and savings all throughout the year.

There are discounts for members of the VIFP Club, Military Deals, and Senior Savings.

Visit popular destinations such as Mexico, the Caribbean, or the Bahamas with rates starting as low as $129 per night.

Are Discounted Cruises Worth the Value Price?

It’s safe to say that many people anxious to get a good deal on a last-minute cruise have paid out too much for a trip that didn’t meet their standards.

Yet at the same time, there are many tourists who have scored a great deal on the cruise of their dreams, and the experience went above and beyond their expectations.

So, how do you ensure that your discount cruise will be worth the price you pay?

The first thing you should do is research the cruise line and find out what other travelers have to say about past experiences.

Try to find deals on cruises from well-respected cruise lines that have been in the industry for many years such as Carnival, the Royal Caribbean, and Norwegian to name a few.

How to Add Extra Savings to Last-Minute Cruise Specials 

To make sure that you save even more on cruise fares, look at your options for accommodations.

Rates for interior rooms are much less than other options, such as suites. While they may not have the same amenities, you still get to enjoy an amazing cruise at a lower price.

Want to save even more?

Book a cruise during the off season such as the fall or winter months when rates are at their lowest.

Experts say that a good rule to remember is if schools are out, cruise fares are high.

Booking a cruise during the off-season can save you hundreds of dollars on a quality vacation, making those discounted and last-minute cruises just as amazing as one you would pay full price for.

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