European river cruises have grown massively in popularity with more than 5.7 million people experiencing a river cruise in the last 3 years. It’s no surprise that so many people are drawn to this type of vacation. European river cruises combine the best of cruising and the popular European destinations that people dream of seeing. In addition, river cruise lines are investing heavily in improving the experience for travelers to offer incredible experiences at an affordable price.

Many people know they want to book a European river cruise but they can feel overwhelmed with all of the options. There are a number of cruise lines on a wide range of routes that visit historic European cities along the way. With new routes being added all the time, the options are better than ever for travelers who want to see Europe on a river cruise. Let’s look at some of the usual questions that come up when booking a river cruise.

​What is the Best Europe River Cruise Line?

When faced with choosing from the various cruise lines that operate throughout Europe, people often want to know which cruise line is the best. The truth is that there are a number of high quality cruise lines that offer cruises to some of Europe’s top destinations.

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With that said, there are some lines that do things differently than others and the best Europe river cruise line may vary from person to person based on personal preferences. For example, Scenic Cruises is a great cruise line for people who want to do their own thing. When docked, travelers can take one of the electric bikes out to explore on their own or with the help of Scenic’s virtual tour guide.

Families may be more interested in a Disney river cruise with activities and cultural experiences for all ages. Children can immerse themselves in the rich history of Europe while enjoying the magic of a Disney cruise. Every traveler will have their own unique list of experiences they want to see and do. Finding the right river cruise line that caters to those experiences will make your trip much more enjoyable.

What is the Best River Cruise in Europe?

Once again, this will largely come down to personal preference. However, finding the best river cruise in Europe to suit your own unique tastes can be easy with a little bit of planning. 

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First, you should make a list of places you want to see. These could be regions or even specific cities that have captured your imagination and excitement. Once you have a list of desired places to see then you can begin narrowing down your search. 

Some of the most popular cruises run along the Danube River, Rhine River, Seine River, and Volga River. For first time cruisers who want to see as many popular destinations as possible, the Danube River and Rhine River are great starting points. Once you have narrowed down the route you would like to see then you can start comparing cruise lines.

Finding the best Danube river cruise will ultimately depend on choosing a cruise line that stops at the cities you want to experience along the way. Depending on your budget you may want to choose a longer cruise that either offers more destinations or more time docked at each destination. Prioritize what you want to see and do then find the best river cruise in Europe based on your own desires.

​​When is the Best Time for a River Cruise?

River Cruise season tends to run from March through to the holiday season. No matter when you go on a cruise you will get to experience the best that Europe has to offer. With that said, there are some dates you may want to target in order to get the best experience based on your own interests.

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Summer is the most popular time for traveling in general. This is because people can take vacation time more easily throughout the summer when school is out and the weather is beautiful. However, this means that there will be plenty of other tourists visiting attractions and lines could become stressful or annoying for some.

Seeing spring tulip season in Amsterdam is an experience that some people have on their bucket list. While the weather in spring may not be as good as the middle of the summer, there are experiences during April and May that simply cannot be enjoyed the same way when the weather gets warmer.

Oktoberfest in Germany is a huge attraction for river cruisers as are the Christmas markets. These months may not offer the beautiful weather that you can enjoy in July and August but they have a personality all their own. When you choose to experience a river cruise should depend on more than just the weather.

​Enjoy the Experience

It’s hard to have a bad time on a European river cruise. Choose the destinations you want to see and the activities you would like to experience. Beginner river cruisers quickly turn into seasoned veterans after they get their first taste of this incredible way to travel.

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