Disney has recently unveiled different river cruises by partnering with AmaWaterways. You’ll sail on the Rhine, Seine, and Danube River. 

These are very different from the classical sea cruises, so do your research before signing up. However, different doesn’t mean that it’s any less fun!

Pros and Cons of Each Disney River Cruise

Part of that research is reading a Disney river cruise review. Of course, these reviews can depend on the person, but overall it should give you a good idea of what to expect. 

These cruises are similar in some aspects – so there may be some repetition of pros and cons. 

Disney Seine River Cruise

The Seine River Cruise is 7 nights of floating along the Seine River and 2 nights in Paris.  


1. The Sites 

This cruise will take you to all the iconic places like the Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, the Beaches of Normandy, and more.

2. You have Options

These adventures cruises often have different options for excursions. If one doesn’t grab your attention, you can choose the other option or stay on the boat. 

3. It’s Kid Friendly

The excursions are kid friendly. They also have separate dining rooms and menus for kids. 


1. The Prices

For an adult it costs 6,649 dollars and for a child it’s 5,999 dollars. Granted that this is a 10-day trip, but it still feels pricey.

This also doesn’t include airfare. 

2. Not Good for Families with Children Under 6

The minimum age for guests is 6 with the recommended age being 8. This is because there is a lot of traveling and long activities. 

3. It’s Not an Obviously Disney Adventure

When you participate in this cruise, it won’t be overtly Disney because it’s not their boat. So, don’t expect hidden Mickeys or characters on board. 

Disney Danube River Cruise Review

The Danube River Cruise travels to 8 destinations in 4 countries in 8 days. You’ll go to Slovakia, Austria, Germany, and Hungary. 


1. The Sites

You’ll start in Budapest, which lights up at night. You’ll go on food tours, explore Austria, see palaces, and so much more. 

2. Activities

There are a lot of ways to entertain yourself both on and off board. With planned excursions for every stop and on-board entertainment, it’ll be hard to get bored.

3. It’s Kid Friendly

You always have to mention kid friendly with Disney, that’s their expertise. The excursions and guides will tell fun stories and cool histories of each location. 


1. The Prices

Mentioning this again because each cruise has different rates. For this particular one, adults cost 6,139 dollars and kids cost 5,539 dollars. 

Airfare is not included.

2. Not a lot of Alone Time

Because this ship is smaller and so group focused, it can be hard to get some alone time. Unless you decide to go off on your own and spend extra money, every site will be shared with others.

There also have been reports that depending on where your room is, that it could be very close to the streets and homes of locals. Meaning, they could see into your room. 

3. A lot of Physical Activities

Under the frequently asked questions, Disney suggests that guests should be in shape due to the amount of physical activities. This can mean a lot of walking, biking, and standing for long periods of time.

Disney Rhine River Review

The Rhine River Cruise will take you to 4 countries and 6 destinations. You’ll see Germany, France, Amsterdam, and Switzerland. 


1. More Adult Oriented

If you are looking for a mature cruise, then this is the one for you. The activities are more about history and atmosphere. There are baking classes, wine tastings, and tours of castles.

2. Wifi is Included

All the cruises have Wifi included in their amenities. 

3. Feel Like a Princess

This particular cruise is inspired by Beauty and the Beast, so you’ll feel like royalty while seeing the towns that inspired the movie. 


1. The Prices

The price for this cruise is that adults cost 6,139 dollars and kids cost 5,539 dollars. 

Airfare is not included.

2. Might Feel Constricting

It’s both a good and bad thing that the crew has everything planned down to the minute. 

3. Might Not Be Fun for Kids

This particular cruise may not be fun for kids because it feels more adult oriented. It’s not to say that there aren’t kid activities, but unless they love history they may get bored. 

Have a Magical Time

So, there are a few Adventures by Disney River Cruise Reviews, each cruise has special unique aspects to them. 

While pricey, if you want a vacation that’s very regimented and well planned for you and your family, then this is a great way to see the world in a kid friendly way.

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