If you are looking to escape some of the cold winter during December, there are many options to enjoy warm sunny weather on various December cruises. If you are looking for a quick trip, there are many options under $1,000 to cruise the Bahamas, Mexico, or the Caribbean. December cruises are the perfect way to escape the dreary days of winter and recharge as the New Year approaches.

The world has a lot to offer when it comes to exploring the different continents and countries in the world. Cruises are a unique way to enjoy an on-the-go vacation that brings you to different locations. You can experience the culture, taste the local cuisine, and shop for souvenirs that will remind you of the memories you make.

Your Best Options for December Cruises

December is an ideal time to take a cruise because you can escape the weather of your hometown and explore a new place while enjoying a relaxing vacation.

European cruises have become extremely popular in recent years as companies have built up their fleets and expanded to improve the customer experience. If you haven’t explored Europe, a river cruise may be the best way to see several cities in a few days.

But a quick Bahamas cruise is still a great getaway this time of year as it’s a fun way to see some sun and enjoy the open sea with a few stops.

If you want to cruise the Mexico region, this is a great way to enjoy some sun and a mild climate compared to many cold regions during this time of year.

A Caribbean cruise visits the islands off the coast of Florida and is a great way to clear your head before the New Year.

A South American cruise is a more exotic cruise this time of year and gives guests a taste of the unique culture.

A Mediterean cruise is a European option that takes you to several countries as you experience the European culture.

If you are looking for a colder option, a journey to Antarctica may be best for you. This one-of-a-kind cruise explores Antarctica in this extremely cold climate.

The River Cruise Experience

There is a big difference between a cruise on the open sea and a cruise on a river with land surrounding the ship at all times. First off, the ocean moves the ship around more than a river does and will create ocean sickness. That’s not to say you can’t feel sickness on a river cruise, but it’s less likely.

Secondly, there a many river cruises that offer some amazing views and scenery as they take on tight gorges and winding canyons. So if you want more to look at than the open sea, a river cruise might be just for you.

A river cruise typically provides a stop in a new city every day and sometimes multiple stops in one day.

Rivers cruises are becoming more popular as travelers enjoy the more intimate nature of exploring a small region. The ships are smaller, there is less entertainment compared to a big ocean liner, and the access getting on and off the ship is much quicker. Itineraries are port-intensive and allow you time to explore places for large portions of a day.

River cruising is the fastest-growing sector in the global cruise marketplace.

Spring Break Cruises: Time to Get Away

After a long cold winter, spring break can’t come soon enough. Planning ahead is key to getting a good deal on a spring break cruise. If you know you want to go, plan it now. A spring break cruise is the best way to get away from school, enjoy some time away from work, or recharge and refocus for the spring ahead.

A spring break cruise is an alternative to Cancun all-inclusive trip, and it’s cheaper while it provides all the entertainment on board. Shorter cruises are typically more tailored to younger people who are wanting to party for a small amount of time. Longer cruises aren’t as party-focused and don’t normally have as many young people since they have less money and don’t have as much time to spend on a ship.

Christmas Cruises 2017

Want to spend Christmas on a cruise ship? Well there are many cruise lines that provide options for those that want to cruise on Christmas. Royal Caribbean, Carnival, Cunard, and Norwegian all have Christmas cruises that are designed to help you celebrate the holiday in a new way.

Create a new tradition this year and check out the festivities that each cruise provides. Many have Christmas-themed parties and activities that lead into the Christmas holiday. You could even cruise to Hawaii and enjoy several stops on the sandy beaches. All cruises will provide plenty of opportunities to make some great memories during your Christmas celebration.

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