Planning a cruise vacation is exciting, but it's easily an overwhelming experience for someone who doesn't know where to start. So much goes into planning a cruise vacation whether you want to lie by the pool with a good book and a bottle of sunscreen or enjoy every possible shore excursion available. from booking excursions to making dining reservations to booking special treats in your stateroom, planning a cruise takes time and effort. Cruise One offers you a personalized vacation planner to handle all this on your behalf.

Whether you're unfamiliar with cruising or you're a cruise expert, a certified vacation planning expert who specializes in cruise vacations can help ease some of your stress by handling your plans for you. You need not worry that your cruise vacation will feel rushed, or that you booked the wrong thing - you'll never worry you missed a detail.


destination guide

Cruise One vacation planners book cruises all over the world. There's a destination for everyone whether you want to enjoy fun in the tropical sun, a more adventurous cruise, or a luxurious cruise through an exotic and unexpected locale. Destinations include:

  • Alaska
  • Bermuda
  • Hawaii
  • Mexico
  • Italy
  • Central America
  • Caribbean
  • Europe
  • South America
  • Cuba
  • Dubai
  • Australia
  • Hong Kong
  • Malaysia
  • Singapore, and more!

Your cruise vacation is not limited to exploring tropical islands throughout the Caribbean although that's a wonderful way to spend your vacation. Cruise One offers travelers the opportunity to choose from destinations around the world, and you'll find cruising is one of the best ways to see the world. For example, you can visit Hawaii by booking a flight and a hotel on the island of your choice, booking more expensive flights between islands, booking more hotels on other islands, and then paying to dine out every meal.

With the help of your cruise planner, you could book one flight, board one ship on which all your meals and entertainment are already included, and you can visit multiple islands in Hawaii without paying for additional flights, and without packing, unpacking, and repacking many times. You see more for less, and you have a more memorable experience. It's the most affordable, convenient, and luxurious way to see more of the world.



Cruise One offers pricing packages for every budget. from low-cost cruise options to top-of-the-line luxury cruises, there's something for every budget. Your cruise specialist will discuss your budget along with your cruise desires to find the perfect cruise for you. However, there are a few things you should understand about cruise pricing.

What's Included In The Cost Of A Cruise

Cruises are all-inclusive. Most major cruise lines include your food, water, coffee, and tea in every price. What you pay for per person is your room, meals, and onboard activities. However, alcoholic and specialty beverages are not included, and some activities on board each cruise ship are an additional fee. Shore excursions, gambling in ship casinos, and other activities might also incur an additional fee.

Many cruise ships offer beverage packages, photo packages, and discounted shore excursions if you book in advance. Your cruise planner knows this, and he or she will work to find you the best deal by booking everything you want in advance for the best savings.

Travel Insurance and Protection

Other pricing information you'll want to know about is travel insurance. In case of sickness, an emergency, or inclement weather such as a hurricane or other issue, you can pay to have your trip protected and your money refunded to you. Your cruise specialist will discuss potential issues with you, such as hurricane season. Ships will cancel their cruises, though sometimes they'll reroute a ship to allow passengers to safely enjoy a cruise without worrying about a hurricane.

The Most Affordable Time To Cruise

One thing your cruise specialist will discuss with you first is your travel dates. If they're flexible, your cruise specialist might recommend you cruise toward the end of August through December, excluding Thanksgiving and Christmas. Cruises are more affordable this time of the year, and you can get away with paying half the price for a typical cruise if you depart during this time. Fall is typically the most affordable time of the year to cruise.

Excursions and Other Fees

There are smaller fees you must account for when you book a cruise. The cost of excursions depends not only on the cruise line but the destination. They're always more affordable when you book them in advance. Gratuities can be paid for with the cost of your cruise, or you can opt to have them added to your account at the end of your cruise. Each cruise line has a set fee for gratuities that go to your stateroom attendant, bartenders, wait staff, and other cruise staff. You may leave additional tips, or you can leave the required per-person gratuities.

Packing List


What you pack for your cruise depends on where you're going, but there are a few specific items you always want to pack regardless of your destination. Be sure you're always packing appropriate clothing for the weather and the excursions you plan to enjoy. What you pack for a Caribbean cruise in December differs significantly from what you'd pack for an Alaskan cruise in December. The details of your packing list might vary, but these things must always go in your luggage:

  • Passport or birth certificate
  • Carry-on bag with cruise essentials
  • Chargers
  • Camera
  • Sweater or wrap
  • Wrinkle spray
  • Correct shoes

You must know what specifications your cruise has regarding proper identification. For example, closed-loop cruises that begin and end in the same U.S. port allow passengers to use a certified copy of a birth certificate and any other form of photo identification to board a ship. International cruises that begin and end in another country require a passport. If there's an emergency while you're on a tropical island, however, your birth certificate is not enough to get you a flight home.

Your carry-on bag is required if you plan on changing your clothes or enjoying certain activities as soon as you board your ship. Your luggage could take hours to be delivered to your room, and you might want a change of clothes, a swimsuit, camera, and other items on hand.

You also want to know what dress code regulations are in place for specific dinners. Many cruises offer at least one formal night, and some holiday cruises, such as Halloween cruises, include theme nights. A sweater or wrap is recommended because some evenings are cool even in the tropics. You should also know what type of shoes you'll need to enjoy certain excursions.

All ships include bathroom toiletries such as soap and shampoo, but pack your own essentials. Anything you forget can be purchased onboard in most instances. Over-the-counter medications, toiletries, and other items are available on the ship for a fee, but it's important you remember to carry your prescription medications and personal items on you when you board the ship.


Cruise One vacation specialists create your dream vacation, and they do it well. from helping you decide where you want to go to and how much you want to pay to helping you understand what you need and what to expect on every cruise, your vacation planner makes sure you're not missing any details. from river cruises to European dream vacations, your job is to let someone else handle the details while you have all the fun. All you need to do is pack your bag and enjoy your time aboard the ship of your dreams.

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