Do you need to get away?

Maybe you’re looking for a little Caribbean sun to put the spring back in your step. Or perhaps you’d like to see the snow-capped peaks of the great north.

Baltimore has got you covered no matter what you’re looking for. Some of the biggest cruise companies operate out of Baltimore, and they have deals on deals to make sure your vacation runs smoothly and costs the least amount possible.

Baltimore also has a great number of local cruises and tours around the inner harbor which are both interactive and informative. You’re sure to leave with a bit more knowledge of the city (and how to have fun in it) than you came in with.

So whether you’re set on sightseeing around the city or lounging aboard a luxury cruise liner, discover what the Port of Baltimore can offer you.

​Baltimore has Cheap Cruise Options for Everyone

Why would you want to book a cruise out of Baltimore? The city has much to offer in the way of attractions. Visit the original Star-Spangled Banner as it ripples in the breeze above Fort Henry. You can head down to the local market and see the catch of the day, wandering among local shops and vendors selling everything under the sun.

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The Port of Baltimore is a portal to the open seas and the rest of the world. Whether you’re a Baltimore native or an out-of-towner with a  desire to experience the vibrant city, you’ll be able to book a cruise with ease.

Royal Caribbean and Carnival cruise lines operate out of the port providing weeklong and sometimes two weeks long luxury getaways to Bermuda, the Bahamas, the Caribbean, and Canada. You can book these tours sometimes years in advance, and this has its price benefits.

However, oftentimes you can find pretty sweet deals on cruises from Baltimore if you book at the very last minute (although, for safety’s sake, this should only be tried by a skilled professional). This is because when the big-name cruise lines have extra space, they’re willing to give it away at a fraction of the cost to fill the space.

Not only that, but sometimes people cancel and get their money refunded, motivating the company to give the ticket away to whoever is willing to buy it to avoid taking the loss. You’ll see the same thing at last-minute airline ticket vendors. Check out these tips for obtaining the best deal on cruises from Cruise Critic.

​Local Cruises and Sightseeing Boat Tours in Baltimore

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Baltimore cruises are one of the best ways to see the city and learn about its history. There are a number of companies operating out of the Port of Baltimore, each offering something different. You can book a day tour, dinner cruise or a nighttime party extravaganza on whichever boat appeals most to you.

​1. The Food Cruise

Enjoy brunch lunch or dinner as you meander through the waters of Baltimore’s Patapsco River and the Inner Harbor. Spirit Cruises and Great American Days both offer dinner cruises with fresh local food (gotta try that crab!) and a vibrant atmosphere.

Cruises on the Bay offers a “cocktail cruise”, allowing you to relax as you sip handcrafted cocktails and view the spectacular Baltimore City skyline.

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​2. Party Cruises and Special Events

Wanna get down out on the water during a holiday? Spirit also has you covered for that. They’ve got cruises for Christmas, New Year’s Eve and other major holidays throughout the year.

You can take advantage of special offers like a Gospel Cruise and Black History Cruise, both of which will entertain and enlighten you regarding the culture and history of the region.

You can also take the “Moonlight Cruise,” a touring nightclub on the water featuring local musicians, DJ,s and a smokin’ dance floor.

​​3. Sightseeing Boat Tours

Nothing beats seeing the sights of Baltimore from the deck of a boat. Cruises on the Bay by Watermark take you on an interactive tour as you sit comfortably on deck or below. You’ll learn all about the history of this great city as the narrator guides you around specific areas of interest.

Sweet deals can be had online when booking tours and cruises. Many operators prefer that you book online rather than in person or over the phone, and they offer incentives for doing so — Spirit Cruises especially has a web page full of online offers.

Another big money-saver when you book cruises online is discount and savings sites. Using Groupon in Baltimore to book a boat tour or dinner cruise will save you tons of money!

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​Head on up to Charm City and let it work its magic on you for a great vacation filled with fresh food, fun and all the sights that Baltimore has to offer!

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