If you want to see the best that Europe has to offer then a river cruise is a perfect option. These amazing experiences allow you to visit a number of cities on a single cruise. For history buffs and people who want to see the best of European culture, river cruises have become a popular way to travel.

With the amount of people choosing to go on a European river cruise increasing every year, there are a number of beginner cruisers looking at trying out the experience for themselves. If you are a beginner river cruiser then booking a cruise may feel daunting at first. There are a wide range of cruise lines each offering unique experiences. However, there are some handy tips you can use to find the best river cruises in Europe.

Finding the Best River Cruise Companies

Before river cruises became incredibly popular there weren’t many companies offering this kind of travel option. Now there are a number of river cruise companies that offer unique experiences for their guests. Try to find companies that service the areas you want to see and compare the features that make them unique. If you need a place to start then there are some trusted companies to consider.

Viking River Cruises is one of the most well-known names in the river cruising industry. They have been offering exceptional cruise experiences for years and they have recently invested in their fleet to grow and offer more routes. There’s a reason that the Viking name is widely considered among the best river boat cruises for beginners who want to see what all the hype is about surrounding river cruises.

AmaWaterways is another name that’s at the top of the river cruise industry. A quick search of a number of review sites will show AmaWaterways often rated as the best river cruise line. They have innovated to ensure that their guests always have access to the best amenities and experiences while traveling. Expertly designed cabins, yoga and fitness classes, active excursions, heated pools, and specialty restaurants with healthy menus are just a few things you can expect on a AmaWaterways river cruise.

Another one of the top river cruise lines is Tauck River Cruising. They are known for their luxury experiences and gourmet food. If you are looking for an experience that is a step above then Tauck is a fantastic choice. Of course, the destinations and experiences are top notch but the customer service is what is often cited as the feature that puts Tauck into elite territory. 

Choosing the Best River Cruise Destinations

Finding the best river cruise line is an important first step and there is no shortage of great options. Of course, the most important aspect of a river cruise is the destinations you will visit along the way. A river cruise is only as good as the cities and regions it docks in. 

One of the best river boat cruises, especially for people who have not experienced one before, is a cruise along the Rhine River. This route allows you to experience a large portion of Europe with some of the continent’s most iconic, historical cities situated along the banks of the Rhine River. A Rhine River cruise gives you the opportunity to see cities like Amsterdam, Cologne, Nuremberg, Vienna, and Budapest. All of those cities are top destinations for travelers looking to take in the best that Europe has to offer.

Along with the Rhine River, the Danube River is a popular choice for a river cruise among beginner and experienced cruisers. The wide range of destinations allows travelers to see a number of incredible cities during their cruise. Bucharest, Belgrade, and Budapest are just a few of the cities you might dock in while on a Danube River cruise.

History buffs will love the Russian river cruises. Travel from St. Petersburg to Moscow and see a wide swath of the largest country in the world. If you have always wanted to see Russia then a river cruise is a fantastic introduction to this incredible country that’s rich with history and culture.

The Possibilities are Endless

There are so many incredible cities in Europe to visit. While no river cruise will be able to check them all off at once, they do allow you to cover a lot of area in one trip. Make a list of cities you want to see and then find the river cruises that will take you to those cities. Start with popular destinations to get a feel for river cruising. Once you are experienced, then you may want to choose the river less traveled, so to speak.

River cruises give you seemingly endless possibilities when planning your trip through Europe. There is no better way to immerse yourself in the culture and history of some of the most amazing places on Earth.

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