Alaska, the Last Frontier and the Land of the Midnight Sun, is truly a white paradise. The waters here are very tranquil, but unless it is freezing, then it will be a very hard surface. However, there is one thing that Alaska is very good at and that thing is a cruise ship tour. The best Alaska cruise will get you to experience wonderful views, interesting cuisine, and very memorable events and activities. Getting in one of the many Alaska cruise tours is a great idea for beginners or for those who want a more convenient and relaxed escapade from the normal hectic urban lives.

Cruise Season

While the state of Alaska itself is in perpetual winter wonderland mode so to speak, the formal Alaska cruise season will start around middle to late April until the end of September. If you want a more relaxed and brighter vacation, the months of June to August are definitely recommended because they are typically the warmer quarter. If you want the real Alaskan winter adventure, then you can hop on around May to September. You should know so that the dry ice in May might look good in pictures but can be quite painful and hard if you fall so please be careful. On the other hand, you can catch the wonderful scene that is the northern lights in September. However, be prepared for bigger crowds and rocky waves.

In short, for those who want a more panoramic view, the best time to cruise Alaska would be from April to May. For those who want a more active vacation, August to September would be the best time for Alaska cruise.

Cruise Lines

There are quite a lot of cruise lines for Alaska but you can definitely say that as the cruise lines here do excel in the hospitality industry.

  1. Disney Alaskan Cruises. For those who want a more family-friendly cruise, then you can never go wrong with the Disney Alaskan Cruises. We all know the brand power of Disney so you will definitely have a great atmosphere for children and families. On the other hand, because the Disney brand is so strong, you can expect the cruise to be very crowded and honestly quite noisy especially with a lot of little children.
  1. Holland America. For the retirees or those who want a more intimate feel, Holland America is a great choice. They typically have an older demographic so you can expect class and convenience. But if a party nightlife is your goal, then you will not enjoy your time here. You must also be prepared to follow the dress code and the regulations and rules can feel a bit too much if you are not fond of those.
  1. Celebrity Solstice. For those who consider fine dining and beautiful designs as the main factor on having the best Alaskan cruise, then Celebrity Solstice will be a great bet. The dining and drinking life here is something that you should experience if you want the finer things in life. The crowd here is typically the young adults with high disposable income and the middle-aged family. You can find a lot of games here like the mini golf area and wonderful entertainment activities like acrobatics and sing and dance numbers.
  1. Carnival Legend. For those who are traveling by themselves or with friends, the cruise Carnival Legend may be a great choice for you. This is especially true for the younger audiences. They have a lot of fun activities like their own game show where they pit a group against another in a series of interesting and fun games so that the competitors can get wonderful prices. The cruise itself also has the theme of fun into it. You can see this at the many amenities that are geared for the younger audiences like their very own adults-only Serenity Hot Tubs. This can be one of the many Alaska cruise deals if you are on a tight budget.
  1. Crystal Alaskan Cruises. We will also be remiss if we do not add here the Crystal Alaskan Cruises. This is a cruise line famous for its luxury where guests are pampered like kings and queens. There are music lessons yoga sessions and other upscale activities here. Most amenities here are also already priced in so you can enjoy the cruise without shelling out more. It can be quite expensive, to say the least, especially if you compare them with other cruise lines. Also, silence is very much the norm here so that is another consideration to think about.

One thing is for certain though and that is Alaska is a wonderful place, and a cruise tour will make your Alaskan experience more beautiful and memorable.

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