When most people think of river cruises, they imagine cruising down a faraway river in Europe, Asia, or South America.

While these cruises are truly exceptional, there are plenty of river cruises that you can enjoy right here in the U.S.

There are multiple river cruise lines that will provide you with a thoroughly enjoyable trip through some of the most beautiful parts of this great country.

Should you invest in an American river cruise?

Consider some of the latest American Cruise Lines reviews and what people are saying about river cruises throughout the United States.

What People Are Saying: American Cruise Lines Reviews 

Like every company, American Cruise Lines has its critics. But it also has its supporters.

Those who have invested in American Cruise Lines river cruises have described their experience as fun, along with tasty food and drink options.

Additionally, the staff and captains have a reputation for being personable and knowledgeable.

Reviewers appreciated the amenities, as well as the plethora of activities that are able to keep young, and old alike, very busy.

Another perk – the price.

This company provides some of the most affordable river cruises in the U.S. Reviewers say that you get a lot for the price you pay with American Cruise Lines.

As you can see, AmericanCruiseLines.com reviews show that you can have a great time without spending an arm and a leg.

USA River Cruises – 6 Cruises You Need to Check Out

Whether you choose to go with American Cruise Lines or another river cruise company, these are the types of cruises you can enjoy within the U.S.

1. Puget Sound and San Juan Islands

This is on the cruise list for American Cruise Lines. On this cruise, you’ll get to see Seattle’s famed Puget Sound, as well as the gorgeous San Juan Islands.

The natural beauty of the area is amazing. There are thick forests, as well as museums dedicated to local artists and marine life.

2. Grand New England Cruise

New England is a beautiful part of the country – especially in the autumn and spring months. If you’ve always wanted to visit this part of the country during these colorful, temperate months, you should try doing it while on a river boat cruise.

When you go on a New England river cruise, you’ll get to see historic cities and lighthouses overlooking stunning cliffs. You’ll also get to enjoy some of the best cuisine you’ve ever had – including New England clam chowder, lobster, and more.

3. Mississippi River Cruises

Probably the most popular river cruises are those along the Mississippi River.

These cruises bring to mind stories of Huck Finn traveling along the river, or seeing old-timey steamboats as they peacefully float through the river that inspired great American artists and writers like Mark Twain.

Some of the stops along the river will take you to historic homes, scenic bluffs, and Mark Twain’s childhood home.

4. Explore New Orleans

Take a riverboat along the southern part of the Mississippi River to experience everything that New Orleans has to offer.

Along the way, enjoy the incredible food, jazz, and people of New Orleans – the things that make this city one of the gems of America.

In addition to seeing dramatic Southern mansions, you’ll also get to see historic battlefields. All of this will enrich your view of history and the United States as a whole.

5. Great Lakes Cruises

The Great Lakes were made for cruising.

Great Lakes cruises will take you to amazing cities like Chicago and Toronto. They’ll also take you to historical areas, like Mackinac Island – a Victorian island full of horse-drawn carriages.

6. Cruises from California

When most people think of California, they think of ocean cruises from California. But there are plenty of wonderful river cruises throughout this state as well.

You can visit San Diego, San Francisco, and even tour the state capitol along the Sacramento River. And if you like, California is a great starting off point for a cruise to Portland, Oregon.

River Cruises in the USA – A Wonderful Way to See the States

Taking a river cruise isn’t just a great way to see Europe – it’s a great way to see many parts of the world, including the good old U.S.A.

River cruises run throughout the U.S., from coast to coast. This gives you a variety of choices when it comes to where to go and what to see.

The U.S. is a beautiful country and there is so much to see.

Why not see it in luxury and at a slow, relaxed pace?

A river cruise can provide you with that and much more.

Instead of being responsible for every single thing on your itinerary – as you would be with your average road trip – a river cruise takes care of everything for you.

All you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy the view.

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