One of the easiest, most affordable and enjoyable ways to see Europe is on a river cruise.

Just think of it – you only have to unpack once. You get to see Europe from a completely different perspective. The views from your stateroom of both the European cities and countryside are some of the best you’ll ever see.

But when it comes to this type of tour through Europe, there’s one thing that can make or break the experience: the river cruise line you choose.

AmaWaterways is one of the top cruise lines, providing the public with access to Europe on luxury river liners like the AmaStella and AmaSerena.

What makes these ships so great?

AmaStella and AmaSerena Reviews – What Passengers Have to Say

Anyone who vacations on one of these ships is welcome to write an AmaSerena review.

Reading reviews is one of the best ways to find out whether a riverboat line is the right option for you or not.

And the AmaStella and AmaSerena reviews are wonderful.

Here’s what vacationers have said after their experience on these ships.

  • A Trip Where Everything Was Taken Care Of: One vacationer gave their experience five out of five stars, saying they had the perfect experience. They had expected everything to be taken care of for them – and that’s exactly what they got.
  • A Friendly, Accommodating Staff: Something that can make a good trip turn sour is bad service. River cruisers are constantly praising the staff of the AmaWaterways ships, calling them friendly, welcoming, fun, and providing outstanding service.
  • Knowledgeable Cruise Directors: While on your trip down a European river, it’s nice to learn about the country, culture, and people. The cruise directors on these ships are knowledgeable and ready to share all they know about the country with vacationers.

What You Will See on Your AmaSerena River Cruise

Besides enjoying your time on the water, what else will you get to experience while on a river cruise?

Here are just two things that make river cruisers want to come back for more.

1. More Than One Country

When people travel to Europe, they don’t always get to spend time in multiple countries. Their itinerary is focused on seeing as many cities within a single country as possible.

With a river cruise, though, you’ll get to see Nuremberg, Budapest, Austria, and Czech Republic. Imagine being able to travel from Budapest to Amsterdam. The sites are absolutely incredible.

2. Themed River Cruises

How would you like to go on a wine themed river cruise? If you choose to do this, you’ll make stops at some of the most exceptional wineries in your port cities. Additionally, your cruise will include lectures by famous wine connoisseurs.

Another option includes musically themed cruises, where you will tour cities made famous by classical composers.

Or, if you’re in the mood for some romance, take a cruise down the Danube to visit the most romantic cities in Europe.

AmaWaterways – More Than the Best Cruise Ship Bedrooms

AmaWaterways, which includes AmaStella and AmaSerena ships, has been named by Town and Country as one of the top river boat cruise lines.

One of the reasons for this is because this cruise line offers travelers spacious cruise ship bedrooms.

Most bedroom spaces on river cruises are exceedingly small, making it difficult to carryon luggage, let alone bring along any souvenirs.

AmaWaterways, however, is committed to providing their customers with a luxurious cruising experience.

Not only are the bedrooms clean and spacious, they provide excellent views of the river, the countryside, and European cities.

In addition, the deck plans for these ships are exceptional as well.

The AmaSerena deck plan, for example, includes a pool and whirlpool, as well as a sauna for guests. And while this is one of the smaller riverboats, you will find wellness facilities, in addition to a number of dining options.

The AmaStella deck plan also includes a variety of dining options and a wellness facility. It also includes open deck areas and a top-deck guest swimming pool.

Choose AmaWaterways for Your Best Vacation Yet

If you’ve been fortunate enough to tour Europe, you’ve probably considered it a once in a lifetime opportunity.

With the affordability of river cruises, though, you may very well have the opportunity to see all of the gorgeous cities and fantastic countryside views that drew you to the continent in the first place.

When you make up your mind to take this type of vacation, make sure you try an AmaWaterways cruise, like the AmaSerena River Cruise.

With the spacious accommodations, wonderful staff, and amenities, you’ll swear that a river cruise on this ship is the best way to see all of your favorite European haunts.

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